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FIRST: Request you login credentials from  

AND, check your spam/junk folder to see if the email is there.  

If not, then Email your request to ""

Accounts that have not ordered in the past 24+ months are inactivated.  Just email us with SUBJECT: "Reactivate Co-op Account" with your name and the co-op name.

We are cleaning the list because unused accounts stay on the email distribution, and whenever an email is sent we are charged.  Cleaning up the list also reduces the "visual clutter" on membership reports for coordinators and Bread Beckers, and improves our "email authority" to Google, Yahoo, etc.

Many accounts were created by people just looking to check prices - if that's you, please look at our retail site, as the item pricing is the same.  Co-op shipping is a lot cheaper.

Some folks accidentally created multiple accounts, or moved to a different co-op - those accounts are inactivated too.

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