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Change Your Co-op Password Now

Please change your password now, do not re-use a password from another site you frequent.

Password should be 8 characters including at least one each of uppercase, lowercase, number, and special character such as _ -! @ # $ ^ , . /  ). (  %. *

If you have any trouble creating a new password, email for help.

NOTE: If you haven't ordered in over a year, your account may be inactivated (and secured).  If you need to place an order in the same co-op, send an email with subject "REACTIVATE CO-OP ACCOUNT" and we'll take care of it.

Our webmaster noticed suspicious activity on the co-op server, and found intrusions to the co-op system.  It appears they were trying to insert code/programs to control the server.  But, we cannot be sure of what information they may have taken.

We do not keep any financial information, but we do have names, addresses, emails, and passwords.  Since so many sites require your email for a username plus a password, if your co-op password is the same as a password on another site you might be at risk of being hacked there.  We recommend you change your password here AND anywhere else you might have used it (make them different!).

Our webmaster will continue to investigate, and see how the server can be protected from future intrusions.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

The Bread Beckers Inc

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